Recent Reasonable Rounds

My recent travel has been such an arduous journey , boy!! what can I say.

It started with a phone , that said my uncle had undergone operation of the heart.Operation’s of the heart thats another story.Anyways since my cubicle was stolen from me, so I decided to go home and visit him.Coincidentally my best friend too had to go to Hyderabad, so we decided to take the bus.But there was the catch. He has to come from Siruseri that is like two hours from Central Station in Chennai, and with the traffic thats in the city , I knew it would be difficult for him to make it.

I landed in Chennai Central by 8:00 pm and was waiting for my pal.He landed just in time for the 10:40 bus.We bought the ticket and waited for the bus.After a ten minute wait , there she came “The Shama Rangini” .Wierd Name !!..Ya so was the bus.

It was a dusty HI-Tech bus, with a huge package on the roof.We knew we were in a long night. The inbus movie was a telugu movie called POKIRI which unfortunately Vijay acted in a poor rip off.. Still I managed to catch a nap, to wake up just in time to see the sun rise over the Nagarjuna Sagar reservoir . Awesome sight folks!!

Meanwhile my mom had called my dad to report me missing.It turns out I had forgot to call my house telling them I would become late.My dad called up the travels and tracked the entire journey from chennai to hyderabad.Its another story what happened when I reached home.

Drinking 3Rs chai at the road side dhaba we reached Hyd just in time for lunch.A Good 14 hrs journey covered in 11 hrs.I really really wanted to commend the driver.

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