Indebted for Eternity

Good morning folks,

The title of the post summarizes the feeling I have for my parents.One never ceases to wonder how parents in India go all the way and beyond for the comfort of their children.Atleast parents of the baby-boom generation, cos parents of the modern age, possibly me , are not entirely willing to sacrifice their lives for our progeny. I am most thankful to my parents for making it possible for me achieve, enjoy and experience all that I have ever wished for, within a reasonable amount of reason.

Captain’s Log : 20 th June

The continuing off season rains has brought a peculiar weather to chennai city,something I am not accustomed to.My doctor always remarks about my internal immune system.Thanks to the weather I was suffering from cold again.So I dreaded reaching the office, mainly concerned about my Commonly Common Cold. Work was going on perfectly and so I took casual leave for the next part of the day and met my parents who had come to Chennai for my brothers IIT counselling.

After declaring the counselling a futile exercise , they decided to meet up for lunch and then buy a bike for me. This was shocking news for me mainly because , they were against Motorbikes . Lunched in a neat restaurant in Nungambakkam and off to the Bajaj Showroom.

Wat can I say about my test drive.I had driven a bike before but nothing could prepare me for the experience of power , that the bike personified.All through the test drive I wanted to zoom , but was afraid to do so because of the Showroom guy sitting behind me.

Post bike browsing and nap, we decided to go to GRT Grandbay

GRT Lobby

Cooper Pot was the restaurant I believe.A nice ethnic restaurant , catering to Indian palette. A few starters for the evening and I was in no position to eat anything more.


Pleasant music kept the mood up and we never realized that it was past midnight.A rarity in my family to be awake beyond 11.

Quick good nights and I was back to my bachelors pad, dozing and thinking whether it would have been possible for me to step into a 5 star hotel on my own expense…

Well the answer is ” Nothing is Impossible”

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