Open Enterprise

Enterprise 2.0 is the new buzz word that is being echoed in many office spaces. This is a spin off from the generally over hyped Web2.0 term, that is doing rounds everywhere. So how does web2.0 empower the office space and influence the work culture of tomorrow.

The second generation of net users have lived on social sites such as Orkut and Facebook etc.This breed of pseudo net savvy users have imbibed certain critical aspects of Web2.0  i.e. the power of collaboration.IM chats , emails and scraps are passe, new techniques such as twitter are coming into usage on a more large scale platform.Thus the office space of the future has cubicalized human beings who are more connected via the Internet than in personal space.So the collaboration element is fostered by web2.0 powered internet. Google Docs , Zoho Sheets are replacing the traditional model of sharing excel sheets via the mail. Wiki’s are being used in place of traditional project documents.

Thus work is now online, portable and has universal accessibility. Thus the root elements(cubicalized workers) of the Enterprise 2.0 can no longer claim that work is not available, but in turn are required to be a part of the work generation engine.

With major players in the the cyberspace such as Google , Yahoo and Microsoft going guns in providing the Enterprise2.0 to the users today, companies such BEA too are pushing the Net-Cart in the 2.0 direction.

So be prepared to live off-the grid as a hobby , as the Enterprise of tomorrow will keep lingering in cyberspace..

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