Employee Satisfaction Index is a critical index in any Enterprise. It defines the very nature of the workforce that is present in the company. The relation is linear, higher the ESI the more an employee will have a positive impact on the work done. If you invest in improving the employees view of the corporate character, it will have a positive rub off and boost customers opinion about the company. Too many companies think about what the customer think , rather than what the employee thinks about the company.

The other day a few friends and me , were discussing on how our company could engender loyalty and increase ESI. Among the various things discussed were the usual ideas about picnics, travel trips, better working conditions and even monetary compensations. But such tangible means of rewarding an employee is like a candy given to a child. Satisfying while it lasts , but makes the child crave for more. The topic of the discussion veered to how each and every one of us were facing difficulties while living in this city as a bachelor. Then flashed the idea to one of us.

Why does not the company that employs us provide us with all the amenities for living in a new city, much like a government housing board colonies?

The concept is very simple.Large scale corporations are acquiring land, usually outside the cities, to build office complexes.So in addition to the office spaces, why not build colonies and associated infrastructures, to house the employees.All the employees working in the company , could live very close to the office complexes.

Now comes the question of the debate.

Will a private sector organization, perfect in maximizing profits and decreasing revenues, ever consider a typical government style housing colonies.

The points can be laid as followed


  • The commute time and thus all related costs { Buses, Fuel costs of the employees} would significantly reduce.
  • The Employees do not have to worry about unfriendly conditions in new cities and can stay peacefully in quarters provided by the company.This will have collateral effect on the general mental condition of the employee.Peaceful minds working peacefully in a more productive manner.
  • The employees can be charged reasonable rates for the stay and a mini-economic-ecosytem can be generated built around the employees.This would pump the money back into the company.


  • The company has greater liability, which any private sector company does not seek.
  • With the current attrition rate and frequency of transfer, there is huge capital investments, which a company might not be interested in undertaking.

These are some of the observation that were noted in the discussion.But many questions and answers are required before any thing concrete can be in place.

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