24/7 lifestyle put pressure on the human life cycle.Congregation of sleep depraved software engineers, around the ubiquitous coffee vending machine is a common sight in the modern workspace. Bag-eyes and other health problems are creeping into the lives of all these people, including me that is!!

Every one must and should be allowed to have a power nap for a minimum period of 10 min.

Some companies in China , make it mandatory for a Siesta Half hour. A period of time when each and every light source is shut down.Monitors turned down and pin drop silence is maintained.Every one has a matteress and a pillow and readily sleeps  near his/her cubicle.

One of my friend had this sweet experience.New to the company policy of maintaining this siesta hour, and being a typical work driven Indian, failed to shut off the monitor.He reduced the brightness and began typing away to glory, when a grim faced colleague came to his cubicle , shut the monitor and began lecturing him about company policy.

So my sleep depraved foot soldiers in the ITES  army, take a nap . Don’t worry about what others might think.At the end of the day the productivity matters.

You now have mp3 players that play white noise to help u take a nap.So dont wait for the day when your company makes it mandatory for you to sleep. BE procative and spread the culture 😉

Sleeping is no mean art:  for its sake one must stay awake all day.  ~Friedrich Nietzsche

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One Response to Employezzzzzzzzzzzz……

  1. pinastro says:

    really nice if TCS also includes the power nap policy

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