The recent launch of Apple’s latest gadget iPhone in the USA , marks the beginning of an end to the standard mobile phone.The convergence of a computer and mobile phone, the idea conceptionalized a few years ago, was inevitable. Todays consumers have devices with computing power surpassing the computers that launched the Apollo series rockets, right in their pockets.

But the release of the iPhone has raised many questions by industry watch dogs. The AT&T and Apple tie-up in lauching the mobile services for America was perceived as a blantant violation of everything that Apple has stood for “Power to the People”.The phone lock feature of the iPhone , coupled by the bad track record of AT&T { Wiretapping and Eavesdropping cases},has angered many people across the consumer space.

But come what may, the iPhone is a revolutionary device with so many advance features that will remove the boundaries between a mobile phone and the computer.

The biggest question is whether such a device will sell in the traditional cost sensitive and ease of functionality driven markets of India. Well all I can say is given $600 in my pockets, the iPhone will and and must be a device in my collection.

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    1 Response to iPhono-mania

    1. krishashok says:

      It will. India and CHina are the growing markets. THere will be more and more ppl with disposable cash over the next few years

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