Cricket with a K -An ode to the beat of a Nation

Cricket , the “gentleman’s game” seems to be the single greatest contribution to India , from the former Friendly Neighborhood Invaders.A game that rouses passion in the hearts of Indians,brings media to a frenzy, sparks blitzkrieg marketing campaigns and creates an atmosphere of palpable emotion and tension when-ever and where-ever the “Boys in Blue” play.

Questionable team selections, tirades against players and coaches, microscopic analysis of players statistics, predictions of future performance, 24/7 media coverage of every movement of the team, Yagnas and Poojas are some of the events that go about in the Cricketospere.In fact so much has been written, published and spoken about cricket in India that it would seem futile for me to encapsulate all the vast collection of data about cricket.

I too am one of Cricket-fanatics, an ardent follower of the game since when I was 5 years old.I may not remember all the trivia as to who bowled the first ball in the first world cup or who scored the fastest century but i do I remember those days when kids younger than me used to line up practice and coaching.The long lines of boys ,arranged in height-wise order, used to continue to the end of the ground.The bowling-machines, the catch-practises, the fielding exercises. We used to tire, we used to bleed, we used to experience swellings in every muscles of the body.But love for the game kept us going.

Hope that one day , each of us would face thousands of people , chanting our names and raving about us.

Hope that one day , we would raise our bats high in the air, to receive the accolades.

Hope that one day, we would come together in a huddle and celebrate the fall of a wicket.

Hope that one day, we would raise the winning trophy high in the air , and feel pure joy .

Cricket is not just a game for me or the 1 billion of us here in India, Its a drug far powerful than hash or weed or marijuana. It brings all feelings packaged in either 5 days or a 5 hrs.

Cricket is not just a game for me or the 1 billion of us here in India, Its a religion ,pure and unbiased.A common religion followed without distinctions of cast, creed, race or sex. A true democratic feeling is engendered whenever we play or see it in motion.

Cricket is not just a game , its You and Me and God

Cricket is a pressure game, and when it comes to an India-Pakistan match the pressure is doubled.
Imran Khan

ps:4 info on cricket please visitCricinfo

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