Learn From the Ants

It has come to be proved that solutions for seemingly complex problems can be obtaied from lesser sentient beings such as ants and bees and even termites.

Researchers studying a branch of science called ” Study of Group Dymanics” and “Swarm Intelligence” have theorized that benign and small creatures hold the key to solving major problems of today’s global commerce. Cargo Handling, Traffic Management, Networks are some of the key problems that are being solved by studying ants.

Consider the case of SouthWest Airlines, where they faced bottlenecks in cargo handling, congestion and excessive cargo handling,which was increasing overheads.They looked to the way ants scout for food and how the behavioral model of the tiny creatures could be implemented to solve their problems.

Voila!! It succeeded
Out there in nature there are Organizational Structures that are far complex than any existing today.They seem to leverage the collective intelligence of a group to solve larger problems and the way in which a large group achieves its goals, without supervision.

After this ,the place of man as a social animal is under scrutiny and judgment that man is more a virus.

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