Eulogy to Gen Z!!!

Mr. Bommaraju Sivaramakrishna, retired as a postmaster.But in his heydays ,during the World War II he used to travel 32 km a day to deliver letters, all achieved by walking or sometimes by cycle.Mrs Bommaraju used to cook a breakfast of raw rice{kanji} and millets.Lunch comprised a meagre lunch of boiled pulses and pickle rice mixed with ghee and the dinner was similarly frugal.

Mr. Sivaramakrishna though physically dimunitive, sported a six pack that would make any model jealous.His exercise was nothing but yoga and sheer labour of doing everything from lifting rice bags, lifting water from the well to just sleeping on the floor. Mr.Sivaramakrishna my grandfather lived till 70 fighting parkinson’s that would equal Mohammed Ali.Only Mr Ali is a far greater athelete and man of sheer force of will power.

In comparison!

Mr Gen Z of the generation after Y. A foot soldier in the ITES Army has had a comfy childhood which did not require climbing trees or running in fields or roaming in hot sun or walking to the nearest pond to take a refreshing dip or even climbing buffalos and imagining one-self as HE-Man and the buffalo to be Battle-Cat .

Z childhood was with excessive parental attention, where parents are more slaves to the whims of the child. Parents clothed him in Adidas and Nikes from the time he leant to wiggle his feet.Z was fed with cerelac, Complan , fresh vegetables from the nearest mart and energy drinks { Coca Cola , Horlicks} .Z has TV with 250 channels, many never seen by any and many more never should be seen. Z had GI Joes , then Mattle Super Heroes to play with. Off late Z has his X-Box and PS3 to keep him company and meets friends in cyberspace away from any physical contact. Z has to visit zoo to see animals and for him catching butterflies in City is a distant dream.To breathe a little bit of fresh air z has to go to the nearest forest reserve in his car and then jog 4 Km or else the peak city traffic will ensnare him.

Z visits the nearest fitness center , where he does squats, curls and bench-presses. He lifts weight and runs on the treadmill to burn out fat acquired through years of junk food and cokes.Puff’s and Pastries fill the daily dietary requirements of this cubicalized junk. Stuck in a vicious cycle of eating to burn he will live to die . Z buys his stuff online, books ticket from the comfort of his home, drops his child in his SUV and drives to long distances for pleasure

Thus where some enlightened people are making efforts to encourage other people to walk we are still mechanizing our lives.

Hail victorious Men!!

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1 Response to Eulogy to Gen Z!!!

  1. nrsl says:

    Hey Satts.. Well Put.. Glad that I discovered this blog of yours! keep writing!

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