^) years and going strong..JAI HIND

India is celebrating its 60th birthday today.Pomp and fanfare marks this edition of the Indian Independence Day.The entire nation was in a media frenzy for the past one week.The Indian Cricket team has won a test series
on foreign soil.The 123 agreement has finally been accepted by the executive body of the Indian Constitution, though there are some voices against it, ranting in vain.So its been a pretty active week upto the Independence Day.

I believe the number 60 has special value to Indians on the whole. 60 years is the official retirement age for many employees in India. In my village , when a person reaches 60 years of age a “Shashtipoorthi” ceremony is conducted to bargain for his longevity.I am working on a project to analyze the significance of 60 in India , if any.

But a revelation has struck me on this day.The fact that people remember our patriots and freedom fighters , our culture and diversity , our strengths and our weaknesses on this day. Articles are written, television shows are conducted, people meet up and talk about India only when they are reminded that it is Independence Day.

We are generally prone to condone our politicians and leaders about the state of our country, but enough said and done, we too are equally responsible for the state of India.Many might question me and ask me to prove that India is not shining.My answer to them would be to say that, where one side shines the other side is inthe dark.Even now , when cities are getting uninterrupted power supply, my grandma in my village has to wake up at 5 in the morning to power-on the motor so that she can get atleast some water to drink.Many many examples can be quoted to prove the divide.

But India is making great progress on every front.Social Consciousness has increased. People now care for one and another, without waiting for NGO’s to approach them with tax benefits as the reason to give charity.Indians are singing the national anthem proudly without having stereo systems blare out the music, They are saluting the flag more often, without having to wait for some to first start saluting.

India will shine! { I am not associated to any political party}, India has to shine.

India is not a land of half naked fakirs.

India is land of White and Green Revolutions.

India is a land of the Bramhos and the Tejas.

India is a land of the Wonder of the World.

India is a land of Aryabhatta,Ashoka,Swami Vivekananda ,Jhansi Rani,Gandhi,Ramanujan,Kalam , Bose ,Tagore ,Amitabh,Sachin ,JRD ,Dhirubhai,and Murthy.

Yet there is a growing disparity between Potential and Performance. India has the capacity, it just needs the right push.

When we Indians realize that we have that potential within us, then that day we not be land of Outsourcing and Cheap Holiday Destinations but truly a land worth dying for, and that day we shall not say ” Long ago we had a tryst with Destiny” but we shall truly and proudly say ” We are shaping our Destiny”.

Vande Mataram



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