I am in the blogosphere !! Am I Safe???

Blogosphere is the place for Anyone to reach out to Everyone. Blogs being what they are now, a powerful, simple medium to disseminate information, are transforming into a communication medium, that has potential to spin out of control.

SEO crazy denizens of the blogosphere are resorting to strongly opinionated posts on their sites. Ranging, for example, denigration posts about cultures and mannerisms of people to outright hate posts.

Heights of malcontent was apparent whence I came across this article in BBC.

Blogs have moved from being a online journal or diary , one that people used to maintain in hard bound books, to being news itself.Blogs have a sanctity of their own and the fact that it reflects the state of the mind of the person,makes it is more personal.

So all u people out there please follow the Blogosmriti laid down by the enlightened soul. and lets keep the blogosphere clean.

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3 Responses to I am in the blogosphere !! Am I Safe???

  1. krishashok says:

    Blogger sucks. Its hard to believe that Google still continues to tolerate a low quality product like that

  2. K says:

    Blogger is vulnerable to XSS. Google is “covering” the bug as feature telling that it wanted Blogger to run any Javascript as it is on other domain(blogspot.com) which cannot access JS data of google.com or blogger.com

    Google is not willing to fix similar XSS issues in gmodules.com stating the same reason. Its obvious that not every person who use internet is technically competent to understand all the crap that goes behind browser window, and is vulnerable to phishing which results in handing over his login credentials to “bad” guys.

    Unless Google changes its attitude of calling bugs as features, there would be some low quality products from Google.

  3. Blogger is such an outdated buggy product and it really spoils google’s reputation..

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