Ideate Innovate Transform – From L to C

Coming from a non-IIT college ,whenever I think of IIT’s it fills me with awe. India’s most premier institute of technology was always a place of inspiration and hope.A little hard work in my early days would have made me a member of IIT.But that was not to be and now places me in a position where I can analyze and critique the impact of IIT with an outsiders perspective.

The title is plagiarized from the words of an inspirational man ,an ex-IIT’an who shows what difference an IIT can make to an individual. The world is much more flat and knowledge is so open that everybody has access to knowledge that was previously expounded to students of IIT. In many places even I may be more eligible than an IIT’an but nevertheless being in an environment of constant Intellectual stimulation is a great boon.

The context of this blog article is to raise questions about the impact of IIT’s to India inc, for which I seek answers from all the IIT’ans and all the Non-IIT’ans in the world.

What has IIT done to the socio-economic development of India ?

What is the ROI for all the crores that the Govt of India has spent in all the 50 years of IIT in India?

Is there any truth in the accusation that IIT’ans escape to golden shores away from this country, work for another country and do not want to work in the institutions of the Govt of India?

Why is there no Nobel Prize winner among the thousands of IIT’ans who have passed out of this Institution?

What is the role of IIT and IIT’ans in the next 50 years?

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