No Smoking !!!!!

Very rarely does one get to see a truly different genre of film-style in India.Cute love stories, romantic melodramas,revenge-avenge,semi and supernatural, poor hollywood rip-offs ,unsocially social themed are the standard “beaten tracks” that any director would take to satiate the viewing pleasure of Indian audiences. Our heroes and heroines are generally like this or this.

Only yesterday did get to see the birth and death of new genre of film making with absolutely no-stereotype in either the actors, acting, film-making or cinematography.My friends and I braved chennai’s nagging rain , waded through muddy streets, climbed the confusing escalators of City Center INOX to watch the movie called

NO Smoking

The grey cells of my brain have manged to unravel the mysteries behind movies like Identity or Memento , and have been numbed by off-beat films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and many other types of movies.
But experience of watching No Smoking cannot be defined.

The director of outstanding films like Black-Friday has managed to lose his message though he had the best at his disposal.The rants about the movie can be had at here. here here and latest here

This is me after the movie.
Smoked Out Grey Cells

It took my group 4 hrs to get out this film and the entire time ,whilst we were eating dinner we trying to understand what the movie was about.Its a psychedelic film on psychedelic experiences of the director ,probably while smoking a pot, one the likes of Jimi Hendrix would be proud to write a song about.Cinematography is a must see with its sepia effects and Comic Bubbles and for all thee John Abraham fans this movie is an eye-candy for them, with peekaboos of his body.

Final Verdict : Must Watch on Pirated DVD [ Good Quality is a must ;-)]

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5 Responses to No Smoking !!!!!

  1. K says:

    I planned to watch movie with Fawaaz and co. While booking tickets, the browser crashed once, then Windows crashed for the second time. I decided not to goto the movie. Looks like … Windows saved me 😀

  2. satts says:

    Lucky you 😉 . But do Download it…

  3. Thanks a lot for the final verdict..Download just started…

  4. abhinav1182 says:

    Perhaps Anurag Kashyap has made a film only he can undertsnad more or less is like an opportunity to get inside his head and see what it is like while having the middle finger pointed at the viewer in the in dont give a *beep* way.. at the same time

  5. nrsl says:

    haha… wow! what a review!

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