Amchi Mumbai Part 1

Kashi Ahes!!

<disclaimer>Facts may Vary</disclaimer>

  • 12 Million People in 2000[ Last Census]
  • Population Densiy of over a 1000 people per acre
  • 40000 cases registered with Police every year.
  • 20,000 fatalities in accidents

Mumbai, capital city of Maharastra, the financial heart of India is a city of many faces and timelines.A city that never truly sleeps, a city claimed to be safe for the ordinary person though the number of gangs far exceeds the police outposts .

All that I ever found out about Mumbai was from the numerous TV shows , the ShahRukh Khan Movies, Zoom TV 😉 , Times of India [ numerous Page 3,4,5 articles on Bipasha Basu’s romance].Mumbai was always an enigma for me.

How can a city that was struck by a terror attack of huge magnitude,come to life so fast?

How can a city that was so severely damaged during the rains and floods, come back to normalcy that quickly?

Many Mumbaikars attribute this to their “Never Say Die” attitude. I [ with due reverence to the spirit of Mumbai] say it is because TIME in essence is more valuable than Life here.

Everybody is in a state of suspended animation.There is constant bustle and activity and motion, so much that it is believed that during rush hour in the Fast Local either between Virar and Churchgate, or VT to Dadar, one does not need to alight or even attempt to.The Crowd will carry you.

<have to try that>..

Well signing off now….have to go and try the famous Vada Pav

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2 Responses to Amchi Mumbai Part 1

  1. K says:

    Well, finish work there faster and come back to “Namma Chennai” 😛

  2. unlike other metro cities, i enjoy being with the crowd and do wats the crowd is doing in mumbai…

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