Cyberdenizens Vs Governments

China  recently blocked Youtube after a videos of Lhasa’s protests appeared on its website.The complete article can be read here.This comes in wake of Pakistan crippling the internet access around the world , after some idiot in its Govt controlled  ISP goofed up.

This comes as a shocking fact  and revelation,as to how a rouge intent on part of Governments across the world can curtain freedom of expression and right to information of its citizens.The most pertinent question that arises is “Who owns the Internet”.

In the age of peer networks, collaborative networks and the whole participation economy it is a sad fact that the ground work of Internet is still controlled by the Government, which at any time can  down the internet access to its citizens.

The blogosphere is powerless against rogue governments who control the Internet.I think not too long ago there were as incident about an Arab Blogger who came under fire and whose fate is unknown now.

Are we really free or is the whole big brother a sad reality and it brings my favorite quote to my head.

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3 Responses to Cyberdenizens Vs Governments

  1. Giri says:

    Sometimes there has to be a controlling force to keep things under wrap. Else the wannabe-smart-asses will take over the world.

  2. satts says:

    maybe a UN style control over the internet.maybe that too may lead to votes on veto powers

  3. Karteek says:

    China is little too much when it comes to control over media. Well, one has to live with the fact that its on their govt’s interests.

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