HAL – How Arthur Lives !!

This post is dedicated to the one true legend Sir Arthur C Clarke , whose name co-incidentally came up a few days ago in a conversation I was having with Krish. At the age of () he has left this Earth to the World of HAL.

Science fiction novels have ability to transport you from ordinary world to a different dimension where Parallel universes can be traversed,Enemies can be stunned with a laser,Physical Bodies beamed from one location to another,Spaceships can travel in warp speed.

Asimov’s World is too into the future,but Sir Arthur’s Imagination always seemed plausible.Be it the Space Odyssey series or the Rendezvous series his works always have a touch of possible reality in them.Arthur’s Geo-synchronous satellites remain his prime contribution to the symbiotic relation between science and fiction.

Scientific development has always aped Fiction.Be it Jules Vernes Batteries submarines , Flip Open Communicators that modelled a Cellphone ,Carl Sagan’s imagination of Worm Holes to Ray Bradbury’s letters that NASA’s Endeavour’s to Mars.From Bionics to Black holes , from Minority Report to Hitchhiker’s Galaxy , SF writers and visionaries have paved the path for the development of Science.

Though the logic may fail on many aspects, I believe that modern inventions are becoming less dramatic because we have begun to expect all these dramatic and bamboozling fiction as realities.Who knows Adam’s Improbability Drive may be the pinnacle of scientific achivement.

PS : Another favorite person Actor Raghuvaran has passed away while this post was being written.

I pay my respects for these two individuals, may their souls rest in peace but their memories forever in everyones heart.

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3 Responses to HAL – How Arthur Lives !!

  1. Giri says:

    The tamil cinema will miss raghuvaran….and he is irreplacable!

  2. Ashok says:

    I believe there is correction : I may my respects – I pay my respects

  3. Ashok says:

    also is it respects or respect

    Thanks mate..but indianisms could not be avoided.They are ingrained

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