Continuing with the ongoing Twitterization thats going on around the world.With Scoble watching a thousand twits on TwitterVision , there is a new entry into this.A sweet little service called tweetclouds that shows a nice little cloud of most frequent words in your tweets.

Well here’s mine

Moa happy tweet cloud

Its kinda nice that my words are generally happy 🙂

Or it can also I am cribbing about happiness 😉

Well heres to more services around the Twitter mania and more followers in Twitter

btw my id

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3 Responses to TwitterMania

  1. K says:

    You are one “happy” guy from your cloud.

  2. satts says:

    merci merci 😉

  3. Samantha says:

    Well, I have taken quite a close look on your website and I must say that I find it extraordinarily interesting. You can be sure that I will come back pretty soon.

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