Calorie Busting Endevours : Gulab Tablets

How to make a perfect Gulab-Jamun

Gulab Jamun is the quintessential indian sweet.It is said that Jodhaa messed up in the kitchen in the inaugural luncheon that she prepared for Jalaluddin Akbar, and dropped the peda in the handi and thus was born the gulab jamun.

Okay my history may be mixed up, but who cares I just love this sweet. So after many successful ventures with ready made food I decided to make the damn thing from start. So here is how to do it.

Step 1 :Difficult Choices

  • Choose among the various Instant Gulab Jamun Mixes.
    • “Buy one,Get one Free- Aachi Gulab Mix”
    • “700 gm Sugar free with 200gm Gulab Jamun Mix- Aaaaaashirwaad Mix” [ Trust me u might need it]
    • “50% Extra Free – MTR Mix”- [ Those guys sure know the amount of wastage that occurs 😉 ]

Step 2: Batterizing the Batter

Next step is to prepare the balls that make up the gulab jamun.It is essential to avoid reading any instructions given on the back of the packet or even Tarla Dala’s.Simple method is to pick up the phone and call mom and ask her.

It is essential that the mix must be consistent and semi-solid , not too soft and not too hard. Difficult yes , but that must be done or else you will end with a base like this.

Shapeless,sizeless and generally unruly.

Step 3 :Calorie Reservoir

Next in line is the sugar syrup or the liquid for which people die for in parties and in Office Canteens after shelling out 5 bucks or so.It is absolutely necessary for you to understand that any amount of sugar will dissolve in a bowl of water, I challenge conventional science to prove me wrong.I might have emptied 600gm of sugar for 100gm of Gulab Jamun mix.

So for those who are calorie conscious there is always Total or SugarFree but I doubt the effects of aspartame on human systems after it is boiled for like 15 mins. Thats the amount of time it takes for the sugar syrup to be any consistent.

Step 4 : Frying the Base

The biggest mistake I made was assuming that to fry all I needed was a shallow pan, A deep pan preferably Non Stick is a must [ Trust me cleaning is difficult if it ain’t so ]. My futile attempts to fry the balls on the pan turned the balls to tablets, cylinders, oblongoids etc etc.

The guiding principle is that the balls must be fried on a pan which is on a low flame. This is to make it consistently fired both inside and outside.

Step 5 : No Clue

Think the next step is to put the balls in the syrup , because thats where you usually get it in . Logical is it not… { Thank you Mr.Spock for tutoring me }

Finally after 2 hrs of complete mess… I present to you my Gulab Jamuns

Seriously …. Believe Me……..

<image courtesy Rohan Bakshi >

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2 Responses to Calorie Busting Endevours : Gulab Tablets

  1. Giridhar says:

    WOAH… the final foto say the story in short..

    I usually deep fry it.. shallow fry..mmhm.. let me try it tomoro and ill let u know…

    no.. no … no… it needs to be covered..the ball must be surrounded…so that it will still be round 😉

  2. semladewi says:

    hi, boys you recipe is very taste and yumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    thaks for recipe and thisi my email

    Its interesting,to note gulab jamun is famous in Indonesia.

    Enjoy GJ Semla 🙂

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