Developing AIR Apps in Linux

This post is specifically for those who wish to develop Adobe AIR Applications on Linux.After spending half a day in searching in forums and support for solutions to the problems it was felt that documenting this would definitely help others in this area.

<disclaimer> Linux Distro -Debian based Linux Mint </disclaimer>

Installing the Runtime and SDK

Adobe AIR Runtime for Linux is primarily in Alpha stage and apart from certain select features it will suffice for a beginner programmer who wishes to develop standard apps. The Runtime and the SDK can be found here, with installation procedures being self-explanatory. The notes, Issues and FAQ can be read here.

Choosing an IDE

Although the SDK can be effectively used to develop the AIR apps I felt that use of an IDE would help in other things like, code assist, syntax error highlights and other stuff . I have chosen Aptana IDE for development. It can be downloaded here . The AIR development environment is available as a Plugin for Aptana. For those behind the Firewall the plugins can be obtained here

Once the IDE has been installed and all the plugins enabled it is difficult to deploy and run AIR apps as in Windows.

Make it Work

Following the steps does not a app work, there some minor issues that needs additional hacks and in other cases outright pain to complete.This is encountered only because I chose to use an IDE to develop my applications.

so to run the developed app it has to be compiled manually from the location of the SDK locations

-Go the bin folder in the SDK installation
-Open in Terminal
-Within the Terminal type the following
./adl -nodebug [ Path to the Application XML in the root of the Application]
satts@01HW126313:~/Desktop/adobeair_linux_sdk_a1_033108/bin$ ./adl -nodebug /opt/lampp/htdocs/aircodex/application.xml

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