A Tribute to a Soldier

Yesterday was the saddest day in Indian Military history.Field Marshal Sam Maneckshaw fought his last battle and was  victorious .At the age of 94 he laid down his life after a glorious life both on the field and off it. I can in no way measure to write any tribute for him.

But I would like to mention a popular feeling that is being echoed across all media.

Why were the representatives of Govt of India{ That includes you Pratibha Patil >-: } and the 3 Service Chiefs not present at his state funeral. Is this the kind of respect we show to our real heroes.

While on one side we celebrate a victory of 25 years, where a members of team playing a mere game are honored across by everyone. A real life hero like Sam Bahadur was not even given the due respect he deserved.

Fie on us Indians

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2 Responses to A Tribute to a Soldier

  1. krishashok says:

    Well said. I suppose real life heroes dont need tributes from politicians, of all people. Somehow, I think he is better off without the media circus and the photo-op politicians getting mileage out of his passing away

    Totally agree about politicians 🙂 . but wat actually pained me was that the Service chiefs did not attend. Wonder what drives their honour.

  2. krishashok says:

    I suppose, Kargil was the last seriously large conflict, and even that is small compared to the scale of the 1971 war. It’ll be interesting to know how many of the service chiefs today actually fought in a war.

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