Creative Soup !!

There has been a lot of research in spotting digitally altered photographs. From observing exif data to analyzing pattern of lighting in the images. A number of cases of diverse incidents that can have huge ramifications, and believe me the scale of application is huge.

Case 1: Micro Level – Check this scientist out , who faked stem cell research  papers, here and here . The Scale of this application surpasses the photoshop work  done on this man , for  one particular song sequence.. “Give me Style”

Case 2 : Mega Macro Level :  – This one is really more funny. A small country surrounded by bullies { or so it gribes} chooses to display its strength by launching ICBM’s { Intra City Ballistic Missile} . Only problem is they imported poor chinese tech and had problems during launch.  ” Never Mind” said one smart cleric, “Lets use the new $ 1500 license we got from Adobe for putting masks on all women Photographs from our country.” Thus was born the Mega Nuke Photoshop Job.. Can be read here , here

All this stirs my Conspiracy theory mode..  and makes me think of all the possible places this could have happened..

  • Moon Landing
  • 9/11
  • Rekha’s Ever Young Face

or even this

My Secret Life

Jedi Satts : My Secret Life

U Definitely cant prove this is a fake :-D. Yes  I was tanned majorly .. Been on some war with KwillHoops Clan

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4 Responses to Creative Soup !!

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  2. K says:

    Good one mate 😉

  3. satts says:

    May the Force Be With you

  4. krishashok says:

    Obi Wan Sattsobi ?

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