Gold Rush ! is It ?? Praying 4 it

Today is a historic day for Indian Sports. We have finally managed a Gold Medal in an individual event.

The Hero . Abhinav Bindra in the 10M Air Rifle Event.

Abhinav Bhindra

Now the media frenzy follows.Check out the title on the TV

“Gold Rush”

In an Olympics marred by controversy, be it in Doping controversies for lifters, to international diplomacy where a member of Gandhi Family represented India over the PM at the opening ceremony of the Olympics, we managed a consolation prize.

I am now praying for many more from all our athletes over there in the Sports Village.

Only now the whole TV media will go gaga over the new golden poster boy , and then awards,rewards, plots of land and titles.

India deserves more gold medals and in the future the title on the TV frame “Gold Rush”.

India is proud of all its winners and the greats who made us proud at all sports events and I hope that this encourages people to stop focusing on cricket and look at other sports too.

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