Telnet/Ping failure

LOTD[Learning of the Day].

Standard Telnet commands and PING command of DOS  was dysfunctional offlate.It led me to believe that my Windows XP SP3 was corrupted,as it has become my general habit to lambast windows after moving to Linux in the workplace.

Standard commands like


resulted in errors like  ”   ‘ping’ is not recognized as internal or external command “

Well it seems some program had changed my Environment Variables as the commands were working from


Though there were certain suggestions to change a system variable in the Environment Variables here , here. Some forums also suggested not to tamper with the environment variables.

What do you say

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2 Responses to Telnet/Ping failure

  1. K says:

    Just add system32 folder to your PATH as it ‘should’ be in it 🙂

  2. disciple says:

    Path C:\WINDOWS\system32

    To edit the Path to correct it select Start, right click My Computer, select Properties. Next select the Advance tab, and Environment Variables button, and select the Path variaible listed under System Variables.

    When editing it should include:


    Which translates to something like:


    Each entry included in the path must be seperated by a semicolon.

    This will certainly do.

    Thank you. Realized my ruby installation had taken up the PATH variable.

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