Gecko vs Chrome

Google’s new browser Chrome , a next gen browser incorporating features such as these, is still far away from being  a Firefox killer as  is being touted by everyone else

Although the memory footprint is pretty small compared to Firefox 3,but one can attribute this to the lack of third party toolbars that actually do most of the memory hogging.


Neverthless feature wise I am impressed although I could wish that google did not use its search box as a alternative to Firefox’s Address Bar. Phisihing and Malware would not be a problem for Chrome,hopefully leveraging Google’s database of websites to make for safe browsing. Neverthless I do have a small problem. check this screenshot of Chrome ,where the pages I was trying to load did manage to load in Firefox pretty fast , but Chrome choked on load.


Additionally the all aspx pages are broken are down. Think we can safely blame Microsoft for this. ;-).

Btw here is a link to  Google Chromes secret    about:<….> pages.

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2 Responses to Gecko vs Chrome

  1. K says:

    I think I’m sticking to FF. Everythings about extensions like Noscript, firebug, GM, Adblock+. I’m sure that Google wont let us use Adblock+ and NoScript(they can block ads from Google :P)

  2. hariharan kumar says:

    one interesting thing in chrome is showing ‘most visited pages where we often land on to mail,blog,movies sites’ , simple elegant, non-stylish, operating on low RAMs, accessing our bookmarks(riteside menu), recently Closed tabs(often I need when i open multiple tabs),powerful search history…

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