Return of the 419 Scam

The metrics for the amount of money lost in Spam is difficult to analyze but it sure is a “supposed” burden for the individual in the center of the Philanthropic venture.

I have been approached by Nigerian princes,offered a free Mobile phone,pleaded by distressed fathers,goaded by corporate marketing “Opportunities” of a Software Giant in Redmond.

But today’s mail by far surpassed all imaginations.

I must Apologise for the image, my template screwed it up 😦


It boggle mind to estimate the remote probability of me being selected amongst a draw of billion email addresses.

Atleast he did not ask for a  Bank account details 😉

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2 Responses to Return of the 419 Scam

  1. Giridhar says:

    The one i received looks more authentic

  2. Ujjawal Bagaria says:


    Even i have received a same kind of mail but from British Library…i replied to it and they informed me that i need to pay some 5000 pounds for verification purposes….they also asked me many other details…i googled about the letter and found the same going to many people….

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