J J Abramas!! You’d better get it right

Coming this summer is the new Star Trek Movie with a  new take on the very first Star Trek missions. I pretty much have a very high hopes from ol JJ as now he has at his side the very best of CGI and Animation to bring the USS Enterprise to its best glory.

IMHO its not logical :-0 to compare the new version with the  juicy characterization of the 70’s.

I think the new movie will continue with the growing trend of movies with a “dark side” to them like Dark Knight,Quantum of Solace . Logically I think this movie will expose the other side of the suave charming Kirk , the cool level headed Spock and the generally grumpy Bones.


The trailer seems good although there are some minor glitches .

1.Young Kirk Seems to have a good control over his driving skills, whereas in the old TV-Series Episode “A piece of the Action” Kirk struggles with a  Combustion Engined Vehicle.

2.Wt fish are welders doing on the frame of the USS Enterprise. Did Welding Technology not improve in the age of Warp Drives. This draws parallels to the Star Wars Saga, where there are robotic replacements for Darth Vader’s life support, the droids and robots are wobbly and generally without clear Vocal abilities.


Well JJ you’d better get it right, or else I will send you where no man can dare to go.

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One Response to J J Abramas!! You’d better get it right

  1. krishashok says:

    In retrospect, the movie wasn’t bad, although they did milk the whole “alternate reality” conveniently to make life easier for them. The actors were decent, with enough flourishes to give the TOS-nostalgic trekkies enough to enjoy.

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