Will you Vote

Obaminazation of politics has seen the Indian Polity rush to adopt Social Media.

I get this in the most unexpected of Places

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Seriously the very notion of using Social media for political reasons is flawed.Why?

  1. The average user of internet in India does get this concept
  2. The average user of the internet is very particularly lazy in matters pertaining to Voting
  3. The Long Tail , though very large, has no interest in shelling out , if incase asked, 50 Rs for any sort of Campaign donation via Twitter
  4. Internet Penetration is 0.3% in  areas/localities where people actually come out to vote.

So unless you get lazy technocratic internet geeks,nerd,phreaks etc hooked to voting, by adopting techniques of some Scandinavian countries. Or involve them in the new Government 2.0 Process. Or Better still actually have a politician who can inspire like OBAMA.

The lazy Internet user in India Aint Never Gonna  Vote

So for 09 this is what i would want the from the Indian Polity

  1. A Youtube Video of Laloo on “Effective Techniques of Milking a Cow”
  2. Google Map Mashup of locations travelled by Mr.Pranab  , with no effect in Foreign Policy
  3. Aam internet Junta getting Rick Rolled by a Online Video of the PM

The list keeps getting dicier , but I have left out the details.

Live Long and Prosper

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One Response to Will you Vote

  1. K says:

    Avg. Internet user ‘could’ be a commenter on Rediff. For that ‘commenter’, anything and everything is flawed … including a perfect sunrise. One will call it as a consipiracy and another will call it its a socio-gimmick done by Amitabh Bachchan to spoil Sachin Tendulkar’s name because Sonia Gandhi bribed him.

    Advani ji, its waste of time.

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