A small hole in my heart!

The power of tangential learning will be understood by all who have access to the internet and are intrigued by a topic , to such an extent that it will consume all your mind.

It started with me watching “Waltz with Bashir” a film that rightfully should have won an award at the Oscars.

The lack of subtitles in the print that I had managed to obtain kept me searching for the .srt file {subtitles track}. The captivating script of the movie kept me googling stuff on the  7 Day war, the Lebannon conflict , and about who  Bashir was

Movies such as this go a long way in making people bring out the proverbial skeletons hidden inside deep closets.

Its on the  long road down the lanes of history that one can see and feel the horror and misery that man has inflicted on man. Its a sad feeling that man as a species is specifically designed to destroy one another. Makes me  wonder whether we have been created through Intelligent Design like some Virus as the Mr.Smith so eloquently delivers .As  a speculative darwinist I find it hard to believe that a species so capable of greatness , seeks self-destruction as means for sustenance.

Well I think I had enough of learning on a hot sultry chennai afternoon and as with the tradition of this escapist generation I shall gobble down few Groundnut Cookies and some juice.

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4 Responses to A small hole in my heart!

  1. ASHOK says:

    What made u say “the escapist generation”

    We are part of an escapist generations,escaping from reality, escaping from truth. we see so much happenning but avoid it j ust by saying. i am not part of the event. see mumbai, see other events. what are we doing. nothing. How many of us are voting, dont know.

    We can go on

  2. ASHOK says:

    I beleive u people vote for Election’09. Spread the importance of not only voting but fot the right candidate (not political party)

  3. Giridhar says:

    what happened to ur regularity of blogposts…???

  4. Get Going says:

    Now I am ready to do my breakfast, after having my breakfast coming again to
    read more news.

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