Whattay Fun !! Miiind It :-D

My Blog has experienced drought of posts from. Although I can quietly say I can attribute it to my activities in Twitter or on Facebook , I still feel I will do injustice to events of Today if I do not write a  post about it

Chance visit to Satyam , brought me to buy tickets to the Thursday Blind Date show, And what do I get ,

Preview show of the most discussed film of this Season    Quick Gun Murugan.

I will not dedicate the rest of the post for the story of the movie . { Shall leave to others to give their valuable comments on the plotline }

QGMG is what I deem a celebration of the Stereotypical Parody. It presents a interesting juxtaposition of Opposites.

An Actor from the state of Andhra Pradesh playing the lead, a Vegetarian Cowboy , a protector of cows , Lola Kutty and of  Dabbawala Annnie  Quick Gun Murugan { Check out his intro Philosophy of Earth , Sky and the Elements  ROFL} from Tamil Nadu

An Actor from the State of Tamil Nadu playing his Nemesis, An unscrupulous villain , a stereotype Rice Plate Reddy { Nasser at his full flow, Hilarious} from Andhra Pradesh.

Overall its set in aaamchi Mumbai { Matunga and Chembur Juntaaa, this is for ya }

Over and above all its been produced by Fox and the Director is from somewhere else.sorry Shashanka could not google your location.  { Talk about a Global Mashup } .

You seen me mention South Indianisms and a Bollywood director and you might be like .Here we go again a typical Bollywood impression of South Indianism . { Man  Sharukh , you may have gone overboard in Om Shanti Om , but you did deliver the brilliant Idea to the writers of this Film }.

This film is unapologetic in its celebration of mannerisms and the language that makes Tollywood, Kollywood and Mollywood so wonderful.

The actual and proper usage of Tamilz , the unfettered gravity defying stunts over Coconut trees, the absolute misuse of Bullet time and the glorious tributes to the Gun Slinging ability of all thalaivars Rajni and Vijaykant , wonderful portrayal of Mallu Kuttis ;-).

<Sample>“If you think you are Lightning ,  I am 250 Volt Current , I SAY”</Sample>

A glorious dedication to the fascination of Indians for The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Wonderful Cameos by Vinay Pathak, Sandhya Mridul and Ranvir Shorey will have you in splits.

Kudos and my Bows to the Script writers who have made this film a great benchmark for Parody and Imagination.The Intro scenes will have you rolling on the floor { Mind it}.

The underlying film is so abstracted and beautiful that it is what we call in the IT Parlance  “Actor Agnostic” { Meci beacoup Karteek }, but i think no other actor could have done more justice . There are enough revenge drama, Maa scenes and tillation to keep the average film goers interest piqued through the entire length of the movie.

All in All , I had humongous amount of fun and one film I  absolutely not regret watching in Theatre. For all you cheapskates { Includin me 😉 } do not watch anywhere else except theatre.

I am no Rajeev Masand but here’s my Ratings

Plotline : 8.5/10

Direction : 9/10

Art and Costume : 10/10

Script/Screenplay :9.5 /10

Rollicking comedy ingrained in the film : 20/10

in a nut shell, with a healthy dose of good attitude. one u will possibly carry to a Russel Peters Show


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2 Responses to Whattay Fun !! Miiind It :-D

  1. giridhar says:

    good to see a review this soon… will check it out!

  2. satts says:

    I had a Preview Show Sir :-))

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