Will VoIP beat Voice?

Recent quest for a good way to talk to people in the US got me researching on the best Voice/VoIP connection for calls to the USA. Arguably call to the US is the most popular ISDN service that indian Cellular service providers offer to customers. Standard rates vary from  Rs 5/- to Rs 6/- { Variance from different service providers}. But it was still not attarctive for me to make voice calls to the USA. A priori they did not offer ,what is defined as , unlimited service to a number in the USA.

In many ways more , I was not compelled to take up Voice Services to make ISDN calls as I had the internet at my disposal. Ubiquity of internet where ever I usually am made me opt for VoIP services.

On tweeting about possible contenders I got some names. Wont go into details of the name search but will shed some light  on few at least from an India centric view.

Skype :

Skype is an incumbent in the VoIP players. To me seems the most popular service that is currently available. Great Codecs, allows for perfect calls to the US even on 144 Kbps Tata Indicom Data card.

The pricing model is slightly higher than other players in the business, but for the service offered its reasonable. With recent developments in the legal front , one should see good developments in terms of the technology.

The only scary part is that its up for sale and when companies go into sale mode, its either make or break for the customers.



Pretty good competitor to to Skype and has an awesome dialer, along with some great. They are offering great prices, but the hidden * symbol is what always scares me. Their Fair Usage Policy is also limiting.

Neverthless an interesting watch.


Will Voice services be relevant in the age of Fring,Skype etc. With hyper connectivity available everyone one must wonder if the age of VoIP is coming to obliterate the simple Voice Services.

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