Measurement of tangible benefits of Social Km platform

Enterprises across the world are deploying  social km platforms in their quest for enabling ‘facebooks’ and ‘linkedins’ within their companies.While it has become simple to justify deployment of a km platform a common question raised by senior management is to determine ways to quantify benefits accrued by the deployment of a social km platform
Ganesh a colleague  has defined that measurement of success is not an offline activity but dependent on measurement of live engagement metrics that provides a constant view of KM effectiveness . For instance  some examples are
(a) Meantime between question and answer
(b) Net RoI of ideas implemented
(c) Average number of searchs per user to locate content
In addition to that I believe that certain offline parameters also aid determination of effectiveness of a social km platform. They are as given below
1. Connection density : Measure number of bidirectional connections across various level. For example i follow you, but only when you follow me can we consider there is additional value generated . We would need to understand whether km champions act only as mouthpieces or whether they are participating within the community. By splitting measurement of connection density across designations and levels we can determine the true extent of collaboration.
2.Trackbacks/Pingbacks/References : In a content aware platform like Knome how many reference links , trackbacks are generated. This measures  usefulness of the content
3.Content and Search relevance : Influx of data allows for relevant search results and suggestions. Many KM platforms also have “suggested content” feature that recommends similar content to a user. When the system reaches a critical mass then the search results and the suggested content are most relevant .This is very much like the search results offered by Google in 2007 to the results offered today.
There are certain other key sociological patterns that I will cover in subsequent posts
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