Information Gluttons

We have come to  the pinnacle of the celebration of partial attention deficiency disorder : A trait much valued in the new web2.0 age.

But what amazes me is the creation of a new breed of people who I would call. “Information Gluttons” : People hyper addicted to gathering and storing knowledge in the mega terabyte human grey cells.

They are constantly on twitter following messages with wanton craze.They are people living in and  on facebook and  whose page refresh actions causes Facebook Inc to ever  increase server capacity .They are people following blogs and wikis with absolutely no regard for context or quality of content they read.They are people who celebrate their knowledge of almost everything and sometimes do fail to recognize the significance of 42.They are people who can watch the screen, type an sms and listen to music all at the same time.

These breed of people have previously been classified as “Web workers”  or ” Knowledge workers”

But are they really working? Can they continue this crazy notion of gathering all information on earth?  Can they survive the storage of all that information?

They can cause I am one of them .

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1 Response to Information Gluttons

  1. Paul Datta says:

    Well what you mentioned happens out of interest. Is not the insatiable desire to know everything that drives this kind of behaviour, its the thirst for knowledge and the will to learn that does so. Work always happens as that’s what earns us our bread. This satisfies the mind and keeps it fresh. I can never know everything. I rather want to know and track things that I am interested in.
    Work will always happen. If work is what is interesting, the same passion gets applied there as well

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