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Mobile Payments – Key Lies in Identity

Although speculation at this point I believe that the reason Google has invested in NFC  for payments is specifically because they have a chance to the Identity providers for merchants in a mobile transaction. Google will soon have the ability … Continue reading

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Dropbox for Enterprises – Rehash

Dropbox has been in the news offlate for some wrong reasons but I must commend their business model of ‘Freemium’ to attract users. Our team uses dropbox for document collaboration and we often come to the event horizon of the size … Continue reading

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Information Gluttons

We have come to  the pinnacle of the celebration of partial attention deficiency disorder : A trait much valued in the new web2.0 age. But what amazes me is the creation of a new breed of people who I would … Continue reading

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Measurement of tangible benefits of Social Km platform

Enterprises across the world are deploying  social km platforms in their quest for enabling ‘facebooks’ and ‘linkedins’ within their companies.While it has become simple to justify deployment of a km platform a common question raised by senior management is to … Continue reading

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Open Vs Closed Innovation

I had participated in a recent K Community Event at TCS , Chennai. There was an interesting change in the event calendar. A debate on “Closed vs.. Open Group Innovation” was included imho for the first in a K Community … Continue reading

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Effort Estimation

This is going to be a very short one . Primarily a LOTD [ Link of the Day] post. Do take   a look at this link for a simple guide for estimating software development effort. For those not willing … Continue reading

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Incentives and Motivations Part 2

Incentivization is a surprisingly touchy subject. End of every fiscal gets employees grumbling on the topic of salary, raise and motivation. I must confess  I  am not oblivious of the resounding impact of necessities driving work and passion.Companies generally resort to ostentatious … Continue reading

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Will VoIP beat Voice?

Recent quest for a good way to talk to people in the US got me researching on the best Voice/VoIP connection for calls to the USA. Arguably call to the US is the most popular ISDN service that indian Cellular … Continue reading

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Whattay Fun !! Miiind It :-D

My Blog has experienced drought of posts from. Although I can quietly say I can attribute it to my activities in Twitter or on Facebook , I still feel I will do injustice to events of Today if I do … Continue reading

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A small hole in my heart!

The power of tangential learning will be understood by all who have access to the internet and are intrigued by a topic , to such an extent that it will consume all your mind. It started with me watching “Waltz … Continue reading

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