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Will you Buy from Them ;-)

A serious need for ad-managers to take a moment , look at their product’s Ad  and Think Pointing to this descrepancy courtesy Deepsun

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Will you Vote

Obaminazation of politics has seen the Indian Polity rush to adopt Social Media. I get this in the most unexpected of Places Seriously the very notion of using Social media for political reasons is flawed.Why? The average user of internet … Continue reading

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I am happy/delighted/joyful to see the return of the Sparrow into cities. Last weekend in Hyderabad and even now in chennai I had wonderful sightings of the bird. Popular belief goes that the drop in Sparrow occurrencess, once a common bird … Continue reading

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A wierd one!!

Well I am no poet  or a person with ability of word play as this gentleman, but I could not help but spew this one out. imho I believe its logical from the sentences below that I have been infected … Continue reading

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J J Abramas!! You’d better get it right

Coming this summer is the new Star Trek Movie with a  new take on the very first Star Trek missions. I pretty much have a very high hopes from ol JJ as now he has at his side the very … Continue reading

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Return of the 419 Scam

The metrics for the amount of money lost in Spam is difficult to analyze but it sure is a “supposed” burden for the individual in the center of the Philanthropic venture. I have been approached by Nigerian princes,offered a free … Continue reading

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Think the growing popularity of Youtube is taking a toll on its CDN.Youtube has filled the void left by the absence of Cable TV in my house, but some times the video do not stream as perfectly as you would … Continue reading

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Optimum Chaos

A long gap brings  a lot of things into focus. One month gap including a change of address and a hand fracture is enough for me to start worrying about the information overload and slipping blog rank {not that it … Continue reading

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Gecko vs Chrome

Google’s new browser Chrome , a next gen browser incorporating features such as these, is still far away from being  a Firefox killer as  is being touted by everyone else Although the memory footprint is pretty small compared to Firefox … Continue reading

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Telnet/Ping failure

LOTD[Learning of the Day]. Standard Telnet commands and PING command of DOS  was dysfunctional offlate.It led me to believe that my Windows XP SP3 was corrupted,as it has become my general habit to lambast windows after moving to Linux in … Continue reading

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