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A small hole in my heart!

The power of tangential learning will be understood by all who have access to the internet and are intrigued by a topic , to such an extent that it will consume all your mind. It started with me watching “Waltz … Continue reading

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Will you Buy from Them ;-)

A serious need for ad-managers to take a moment , look at their product’s Ad  and Think Pointing to this descrepancy courtesy Deepsun

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I am happy/delighted/joyful to see the return of the Sparrow into cities. Last weekend in Hyderabad and even now in chennai I had wonderful sightings of the bird. Popular belief goes that the drop in Sparrow occurrencess, once a common bird … Continue reading

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A wierd one!!

Well I am no poet  or a person with ability of word play as this gentleman, but I could not help but spew this one out. imho I believe its logical from the sentences below that I have been infected … Continue reading

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Think the growing popularity of Youtube is taking a toll on its CDN.Youtube has filled the void left by the absence of Cable TV in my house, but some times the video do not stream as perfectly as you would … Continue reading

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Creative Soup !!

There has been a lot of research in spotting digitally altered photographs. From observing exif data to analyzing pattern of lighting in the images. A number of cases of diverse incidents that can have huge ramifications, and believe me the … Continue reading

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A Tribute to a Soldier

Yesterday was the saddest day in Indian Military history.Field Marshal Sam Maneckshaw fought his last battle and was  victorious .At the age of 94 he laid down his life after a glorious life both on the field and off it. … Continue reading

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