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I am in the blogosphere !! Am I Safe???

Blogosphere is the place for Anyone to reach out to Everyone. Blogs being what they are now, a powerful, simple medium to disseminate information, are transforming into a communication medium, that has potential to spin out of control. SEO crazy … Continue reading

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^) years and going strong..JAI HIND

India is celebrating its 60th birthday today.Pomp and fanfare marks this edition of the Indian Independence Day.The entire nation was in a media frenzy for the past one week.The Indian Cricket team has won a test series on foreign soil.The … Continue reading

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Onsite in Sight

Todays post is a special post that is doing rounds in the internet mail-boxes of all my comrades in the ITES army.Many of them so moved by this poem { so as to put it} that they are forwarding it … Continue reading

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Eulogy to Gen Z!!!

Mr. Bommaraju Sivaramakrishna, retired as a postmaster.But in his heydays ,during the World War II he used to travel 32 km a day to deliver letters, all achieved by walking or sometimes by cycle.Mrs Bommaraju used to cook a breakfast … Continue reading

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Cricket with a K -An ode to the beat of a Nation

Cricket , the “gentleman’s game” seems to be the single greatest contribution to India , from the former Friendly Neighborhood Invaders.A game that rouses passion in the hearts of Indians,brings media to a frenzy, sparks blitzkrieg marketing campaigns and creates … Continue reading

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Indebted for Eternity

Good morning folks, The title of the post summarizes the feeling I have for my parents.One never ceases to wonder how parents in India go all the way and beyond for the comfort of their children.Atleast parents of the baby-boom … Continue reading

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Recent Reasonable Rounds

My recent travel has been such an arduous journey , boy!! what can I say. It started with a phone , that said my uncle had undergone operation of the heart.Operation’s of the heart thats another story.Anyways since my cubicle … Continue reading

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