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Mobile Payments – Key Lies in Identity

Although speculation at this point I believe that the reason Google has invested in NFC  for payments is specifically because they have a chance to the Identity providers for merchants in a mobile transaction. Google will soon have the ability … Continue reading

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Optimum Chaos

A long gap brings  a lot of things into focus. One month gap including a change of address and a hand fracture is enough for me to start worrying about the information overload and slipping blog rank {not that it … Continue reading

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Gecko vs Chrome

Google’s new browser Chrome , a next gen browser incorporating features such as these, is still far away from being  a Firefox killer as  is being touted by everyone else Although the memory footprint is pretty small compared to Firefox … Continue reading

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Telnet/Ping failure

LOTD[Learning of the Day]. Standard Telnet commands and PING command of DOS  was dysfunctional offlate.It led me to believe that my Windows XP SP3 was corrupted,as it has become my general habit to lambast windows after moving to Linux in … Continue reading

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Developing AIR Apps in Linux

This post is specifically for those who wish to develop Adobe AIR Applications on Linux.After spending half a day in searching in forums and support for solutions to the problems it was felt that documenting this would definitely help others … Continue reading

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HAL – How Arthur Lives !!

This post is dedicated to the one true legend Sir Arthur C Clarke , whose name co-incidentally came up a few days ago in a conversation I was having with Krish. At the age of () he has left this … Continue reading

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50 years of the Co-Traveler !

Today marks the 50 anniversary of the launch of Sputnik-1 a beach ball sized satellite whose characteristic beep was recorded by radio enthusiasts of that day. The launch of sputnik struck fear in hearts of Americans of that day, sparking … Continue reading

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Browser vs Desktop

This post, when successfully published, marks the first time I have effectively used Scribe-fire extension of my Firefox. What is the future of software applications as we know ? Will the next generation of software apps remove the difference between … Continue reading

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The recent launch of Apple’s latest gadget iPhone in the USA , marks the beginning of an end to the standard mobile phone.The convergence of a computer and mobile phone, the idea conceptionalized a few years ago, was inevitable. Todays … Continue reading

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Open Enterprise

Enterprise 2.0 is the new buzz word that is being echoed in many office spaces. This is a spin off from the generally over hyped Web2.0 term, that is doing rounds everywhere. So how does web2.0 empower the office space … Continue reading

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