Will VoIP beat Voice?

Recent quest for a good way to talk to people in the US got me researching on the best Voice/VoIP connection for calls to the USA. Arguably call to the US is the most popular ISDN service that indian Cellular service providers offer to customers. Standard rates vary from  Rs 5/- to Rs 6/- { Variance from different service providers}. But it was still not attarctive for me to make voice calls to the USA. A priori they did not offer ,what is defined as , unlimited service to a number in the USA.

In many ways more , I was not compelled to take up Voice Services to make ISDN calls as I had the internet at my disposal. Ubiquity of internet where ever I usually am made me opt for VoIP services.

On tweeting about possible contenders I got some names. Wont go into details of the name search but will shed some light  on few at least from an India centric view.

Skype :

Skype is an incumbent in the VoIP players. To me seems the most popular service that is currently available. Great Codecs, allows for perfect calls to the US even on 144 Kbps Tata Indicom Data card.

The pricing model is slightly higher than other players in the business, but for the service offered its reasonable. With recent developments in the legal front , one should see good developments in terms of the technology.

The only scary part is that its up for sale and when companies go into sale mode, its either make or break for the customers.



Pretty good competitor to to Skype and has an awesome dialer, along with some great. They are offering great prices, but the hidden * symbol is what always scares me. Their Fair Usage Policy is also limiting.

Neverthless an interesting watch.


Will Voice services be relevant in the age of Fring,Skype etc. With hyper connectivity available everyone one must wonder if the age of VoIP is coming to obliterate the simple Voice Services.

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Whattay Fun !! Miiind It :-D

My Blog has experienced drought of posts from. Although I can quietly say I can attribute it to my activities in Twitter or on Facebook , I still feel I will do injustice to events of Today if I do not write a  post about it

Chance visit to Satyam , brought me to buy tickets to the Thursday Blind Date show, And what do I get ,

Preview show of the most discussed film of this Season    Quick Gun Murugan.

I will not dedicate the rest of the post for the story of the movie . { Shall leave to others to give their valuable comments on the plotline }

QGMG is what I deem a celebration of the Stereotypical Parody. It presents a interesting juxtaposition of Opposites.

An Actor from the state of Andhra Pradesh playing the lead, a Vegetarian Cowboy , a protector of cows , Lola Kutty and of  Dabbawala Annnie  Quick Gun Murugan { Check out his intro Philosophy of Earth , Sky and the Elements  ROFL} from Tamil Nadu

An Actor from the State of Tamil Nadu playing his Nemesis, An unscrupulous villain , a stereotype Rice Plate Reddy { Nasser at his full flow, Hilarious} from Andhra Pradesh.

Overall its set in aaamchi Mumbai { Matunga and Chembur Juntaaa, this is for ya }

Over and above all its been produced by Fox and the Director is from somewhere else.sorry Shashanka could not google your location.  { Talk about a Global Mashup } .

You seen me mention South Indianisms and a Bollywood director and you might be like .Here we go again a typical Bollywood impression of South Indianism . { Man  Sharukh , you may have gone overboard in Om Shanti Om , but you did deliver the brilliant Idea to the writers of this Film }.

This film is unapologetic in its celebration of mannerisms and the language that makes Tollywood, Kollywood and Mollywood so wonderful.

The actual and proper usage of Tamilz , the unfettered gravity defying stunts over Coconut trees, the absolute misuse of Bullet time and the glorious tributes to the Gun Slinging ability of all thalaivars Rajni and Vijaykant , wonderful portrayal of Mallu Kuttis ;-).

<Sample>“If you think you are Lightning ,  I am 250 Volt Current , I SAY”</Sample>

A glorious dedication to the fascination of Indians for The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Wonderful Cameos by Vinay Pathak, Sandhya Mridul and Ranvir Shorey will have you in splits.

Kudos and my Bows to the Script writers who have made this film a great benchmark for Parody and Imagination.The Intro scenes will have you rolling on the floor { Mind it}.

The underlying film is so abstracted and beautiful that it is what we call in the IT Parlance  “Actor Agnostic” { Meci beacoup Karteek }, but i think no other actor could have done more justice . There are enough revenge drama, Maa scenes and tillation to keep the average film goers interest piqued through the entire length of the movie.

All in All , I had humongous amount of fun and one film I  absolutely not regret watching in Theatre. For all you cheapskates { Includin me 😉 } do not watch anywhere else except theatre.

I am no Rajeev Masand but here’s my Ratings

Plotline : 8.5/10

Direction : 9/10

Art and Costume : 10/10

Script/Screenplay :9.5 /10

Rollicking comedy ingrained in the film : 20/10

in a nut shell, with a healthy dose of good attitude. one u will possibly carry to a Russel Peters Show


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A small hole in my heart!

The power of tangential learning will be understood by all who have access to the internet and are intrigued by a topic , to such an extent that it will consume all your mind.

It started with me watching “Waltz with Bashir” a film that rightfully should have won an award at the Oscars.

The lack of subtitles in the print that I had managed to obtain kept me searching for the .srt file {subtitles track}. The captivating script of the movie kept me googling stuff on the  7 Day war, the Lebannon conflict , and about who  Bashir was

Movies such as this go a long way in making people bring out the proverbial skeletons hidden inside deep closets.

Its on the  long road down the lanes of history that one can see and feel the horror and misery that man has inflicted on man. Its a sad feeling that man as a species is specifically designed to destroy one another. Makes me  wonder whether we have been created through Intelligent Design like some Virus as the Mr.Smith so eloquently delivers .As  a speculative darwinist I find it hard to believe that a species so capable of greatness , seeks self-destruction as means for sustenance.

Well I think I had enough of learning on a hot sultry chennai afternoon and as with the tradition of this escapist generation I shall gobble down few Groundnut Cookies and some juice.

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Will you Buy from Them ;-)

A serious need for ad-managers to take a moment , look at their product’s Ad  and Think

What the Frak is this

What the Frak is this

Pointing to this descrepancy courtesy Deepsun

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Will you Vote

Obaminazation of politics has seen the Indian Polity rush to adopt Social Media.

I get this in the most unexpected of Places

Google Reader (97)_1233709215449

Seriously the very notion of using Social media for political reasons is flawed.Why?

  1. The average user of internet in India does get this concept
  2. The average user of the internet is very particularly lazy in matters pertaining to Voting
  3. The Long Tail , though very large, has no interest in shelling out , if incase asked, 50 Rs for any sort of Campaign donation via Twitter
  4. Internet Penetration is 0.3% in  areas/localities where people actually come out to vote.

So unless you get lazy technocratic internet geeks,nerd,phreaks etc hooked to voting, by adopting techniques of some Scandinavian countries. Or involve them in the new Government 2.0 Process. Or Better still actually have a politician who can inspire like OBAMA.

The lazy Internet user in India Aint Never Gonna  Vote

So for 09 this is what i would want the from the Indian Polity

  1. A Youtube Video of Laloo on “Effective Techniques of Milking a Cow”
  2. Google Map Mashup of locations travelled by Mr.Pranab  , with no effect in Foreign Policy
  3. Aam internet Junta getting Rick Rolled by a Online Video of the PM

The list keeps getting dicier , but I have left out the details.

Live Long and Prosper

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I am happy/delighted/joyful to see the return of the Sparrow into cities. Last weekend in Hyderabad and even now in chennai I had wonderful sightings of the bird.

Popular belief goes that the drop in Sparrow occurrencess, once a common bird in India, is due to the death of sparrow chick while in their eggs because of cellphone radiation.

Either that has been proven wrong, giving ammo to the “Mobile Radiation is Minimal” proponents of the society or the sparrows have mutated to be resistent.

Even as now my current assignment is to capture a good picture of them. 🙂

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A wierd one!!

Well I am no poet  or a person with ability of word play as this gentleman,

but I could not help but spew this one out.

imho I believe its logical from the sentences below that I have been infected with “star-trekitis”

“Cubicle !!

The final frontier.

These are the voyages of the cofee-cup enterprise…

Its twenty minute mission to seek out drowsy employees……

To avoid bold new stains!!!

To bring out new realizations and feelings.

To boldy go where no cofee-cup has gone before!!!


Okay I accept this is lame… but top that

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