Will you Buy from Them ;-)

A serious need for ad-managers to take a moment , look at their product’s Ad  and Think

What the Frak is this

What the Frak is this

Pointing to this descrepancy courtesy Deepsun

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Will you Vote

Obaminazation of politics has seen the Indian Polity rush to adopt Social Media.

I get this in the most unexpected of Places

Google Reader (97)_1233709215449

Seriously the very notion of using Social media for political reasons is flawed.Why?

  1. The average user of internet in India does get this concept
  2. The average user of the internet is very particularly lazy in matters pertaining to Voting
  3. The Long Tail , though very large, has no interest in shelling out , if incase asked, 50 Rs for any sort of Campaign donation via Twitter
  4. Internet Penetration is 0.3% in  areas/localities where people actually come out to vote.

So unless you get lazy technocratic internet geeks,nerd,phreaks etc hooked to voting, by adopting techniques of some Scandinavian countries. Or involve them in the new Government 2.0 Process. Or Better still actually have a politician who can inspire like OBAMA.

The lazy Internet user in India Aint Never Gonna  Vote

So for 09 this is what i would want the from the Indian Polity

  1. A Youtube Video of Laloo on “Effective Techniques of Milking a Cow”
  2. Google Map Mashup of locations travelled by Mr.Pranab  , with no effect in Foreign Policy
  3. Aam internet Junta getting Rick Rolled by a Online Video of the PM

The list keeps getting dicier , but I have left out the details.

Live Long and Prosper

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I am happy/delighted/joyful to see the return of the Sparrow into cities. Last weekend in Hyderabad and even now in chennai I had wonderful sightings of the bird.

Popular belief goes that the drop in Sparrow occurrencess, once a common bird in India, is due to the death of sparrow chick while in their eggs because of cellphone radiation.

Either that has been proven wrong, giving ammo to the “Mobile Radiation is Minimal” proponents of the society or the sparrows have mutated to be resistent.

Even as now my current assignment is to capture a good picture of them. 🙂

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A wierd one!!

Well I am no poet  or a person with ability of word play as this gentleman,

but I could not help but spew this one out.

imho I believe its logical from the sentences below that I have been infected with “star-trekitis”

“Cubicle !!

The final frontier.

These are the voyages of the cofee-cup enterprise…

Its twenty minute mission to seek out drowsy employees……

To avoid bold new stains!!!

To bring out new realizations and feelings.

To boldy go where no cofee-cup has gone before!!!


Okay I accept this is lame… but top that

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J J Abramas!! You’d better get it right

Coming this summer is the new Star Trek Movie with a  new take on the very first Star Trek missions. I pretty much have a very high hopes from ol JJ as now he has at his side the very best of CGI and Animation to bring the USS Enterprise to its best glory.

IMHO its not logical :-0 to compare the new version with the  juicy characterization of the 70’s.

I think the new movie will continue with the growing trend of movies with a “dark side” to them like Dark Knight,Quantum of Solace . Logically I think this movie will expose the other side of the suave charming Kirk , the cool level headed Spock and the generally grumpy Bones.


The trailer seems good although there are some minor glitches .

1.Young Kirk Seems to have a good control over his driving skills, whereas in the old TV-Series Episode “A piece of the Action” Kirk struggles with a  Combustion Engined Vehicle.

2.Wt fish are welders doing on the frame of the USS Enterprise. Did Welding Technology not improve in the age of Warp Drives. This draws parallels to the Star Wars Saga, where there are robotic replacements for Darth Vader’s life support, the droids and robots are wobbly and generally without clear Vocal abilities.


Well JJ you’d better get it right, or else I will send you where no man can dare to go.

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Return of the 419 Scam

The metrics for the amount of money lost in Spam is difficult to analyze but it sure is a “supposed” burden for the individual in the center of the Philanthropic venture.

I have been approached by Nigerian princes,offered a free Mobile phone,pleaded by distressed fathers,goaded by corporate marketing “Opportunities” of a Software Giant in Redmond.

But today’s mail by far surpassed all imaginations.

I must Apologise for the image, my template screwed it up 😦


It boggle mind to estimate the remote probability of me being selected amongst a draw of billion email addresses.

Atleast he did not ask for a  Bank account details 😉

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Think the growing popularity of Youtube is taking a toll on its CDN.Youtube has filled the void left by the absence of Cable TV in my house, but some times the video do not stream as perfectly as you would expect.

Check this error out


Meanwhile I am on a desperate fact finding mission to determine the best Interactive TV network amongst the following contenders, hope enough googling and social media tapping will sort issues out.

  1. Tata Sky- Popular Incumbent, huge popularity, Tivo Style feature set in future.Mafiasco style operation
  2. Big Tv- From the house of Reliance, Reliability is an issue, Microsoft Business strategy “Take u in cheap, grapple your b@!!s”
  3. Dish TV- My ” Thoda Aur Wish” is to wish king Khan stops appearing inthese ads. Less Popular, Less visible, good pricing strategy
  4. SUN Direct- From the Stables of the Rising Sun party, popular local network, in direct contention with SCV. More for the TN masses.

Well please help me choose one

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Optimum Chaos

A long gap brings  a lot of things into focus. One month gap including a change of address and a hand fracture is enough for me to start worrying about the information overload and slipping blog rank {not that it had any}

Well have to start small as my single hand typing does not allow me first to function in the IT world and two does not allow me to type and use my computer correctly

The other day I had an idea that seemed far fetched and incomprehensible for my non mathematically tuned brain I have a brain that is fairly good at patterns and discerning spatial mathematics and geometry but something in algebra is beyond me watching two different events triggered a thought Under the right set of conditions and within limited range of operations Optimum Chaos is essential for better Operation and Productivity

Event one there is a traffic signal enroute to my office and previously it was a tri junction with no apparent signaling system or a traffic monitoring cop previously traffic used to move with individual drivers in individual lanes figuring out when to stop or when to cross the junction point There was no congestion as each driver would selfishly figure out the best possible way to avoid traffic accidents and congestion Now the junction has a traffic signal with a cop monitoring the flow and the congestion has increased

Event two is Dosa vending process in my cafeteria During lunch time the guy who collects the coupons and places the order to the chef does it randomly and in a chaotic manner The variables in his head are the processing of the coupons and shouting of the orders to the chef The delivery not in the order of receipt  of the coupons ensured that the average process time was 5-10 min In the evening the receipt

of the coupons is very orderly  with all applicants standing in a line and the guy who collects the order has but to stand at his place and simply accept the coupons The order time now is 10-20 min

The above two events though not connected kept me thinking whether a certain amount of chaos dependent on a certain inherent human traits was good for a process or a system

For this I required the assistance of the denizens of the blogosphere to point me out in the correct direction to reach a person article or body that can help me figure out the validity of my claim

PS:The writing style of this article is inspired by a brilliant Novel called Blindness by Jose Saramago A Must  read

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Gecko vs Chrome

Google’s new browser Chrome , a next gen browser incorporating features such as these, is still far away from being  a Firefox killer as  is being touted by everyone else

Although the memory footprint is pretty small compared to Firefox 3,but one can attribute this to the lack of third party toolbars that actually do most of the memory hogging.


Neverthless feature wise I am impressed although I could wish that google did not use its search box as a alternative to Firefox’s Address Bar. Phisihing and Malware would not be a problem for Chrome,hopefully leveraging Google’s database of websites to make for safe browsing. Neverthless I do have a small problem. check this screenshot of Chrome ,where the pages I was trying to load did manage to load in Firefox pretty fast , but Chrome choked on load.


Additionally the all aspx pages are broken are down. Think we can safely blame Microsoft for this. ;-).

Btw here is a link to  Google Chromes secret    about:<….> pages.

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Telnet/Ping failure

LOTD[Learning of the Day].

Standard Telnet commands and PING command of DOS  was dysfunctional offlate.It led me to believe that my Windows XP SP3 was corrupted,as it has become my general habit to lambast windows after moving to Linux in the workplace.

Standard commands like

C:\>ping www.google.com

resulted in errors like  ”   ‘ping’ is not recognized as internal or external command “

Well it seems some program had changed my Environment Variables as the commands were working from


Though there were certain suggestions to change a system variable in the Environment Variables here , here. Some forums also suggested not to tamper with the environment variables.

What do you say

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