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Open Vs Closed Innovation

I had participated in a recent K Community Event at TCS , Chennai. There was an interesting change in the event calendar. A debate on “Closed vs.. Open Group Innovation” was included imho for the first in a K Community … Continue reading

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Effort Estimation

This is going to be a very short one . Primarily a LOTD [ Link of the Day] post. Do take   a look at this link http://makingitbigcareers.wordpress.com/2010/04/13/avoding-software-project-overruns-watch-the-ratio/ for a simple guide for estimating software development effort. For those not willing … Continue reading

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Free Rice ??

This post is for all those who are preparing for GRE ;-). Now combine the arduous task of learning words with Philanthropy. FreeRice is a unique website, which I stumbled upon today.It claims to donate 10 grains of rice for … Continue reading

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