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Mobile Payments – Key Lies in Identity

Although speculation at this point I believe that the reason Google has invested in NFC  for payments is specifically because they have a chance to the Identity providers for merchants in a mobile transaction. Google will soon have the ability … Continue reading

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Return of the 419 Scam

The metrics for the amount of money lost in Spam is difficult to analyze but it sure is a “supposed” burden for the individual in the center of the Philanthropic venture. I have been approached by Nigerian princes,offered a free … Continue reading

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Gecko vs Chrome

Google’s new browser Chrome , a next gen browser incorporating features such as these, is still far away from being  a Firefox killer as  is being touted by everyone else Although the memory footprint is pretty small compared to Firefox … Continue reading

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I am in the blogosphere !! Am I Safe???

Blogosphere is the place for Anyone to reach out to Everyone. Blogs being what they are now, a powerful, simple medium to disseminate information, are transforming into a communication medium, that has potential to spin out of control. SEO crazy … Continue reading

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